Infidelity at Conventions

 Orange County Convention Center

Orange County Convention Center


The Best Private Investigators in Orlando For Convention Cases

If your spouse or partner is visiting Orlando for one of our many conventions, you need the BEST, most-experienced investigators on the ground to get the results you need! 

Orlando hosts tons of convention space! Not only is the Orange County Convention Center (2nd largest in U.S.) one of the most popular and successful convention centers in the nation, but we have over a dozen other extremely large resort hotels in the area that host lots of convention space as well. In my experience, these conventions provide a unique and incredible chance to catch cheating spouses and prove existing relationships among co-workers, often times even better than trying to catch them back at home.

When it comes to infidelity, especially an affair involving a co-worker, one of the primary factors for cheating is opportunity, and conventions provide that opportunity in spades! Just imagine, you're halfway across the country from your spouse, so your guard is down, you're already in a hotel, and then just add the social events, the after parties, the open bars, and they all converge to create the perfect storm of opportunity to cheat with a relatively low risk of getting caught. This is where hiring a private investigator is your best defense! 

Our investigators deliver the superior results at convention cases and there's a good reason behind it. My first few years as an investigator I had always enjoyed these types of cases, but grew increasingly frustrated at how needlessly chaotic they could be when I worked them for other PI companies. So when I started my own agency, one of the first things I did was to figure out how to best succeed at these types of cases. As a former Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist, I decided to conduct a little reconnaissance and scope out each and every major resort hotel and major convention space in the area. And I mean all of them! In addition to the OC Convention Center, we scouted the Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, the Marriott(s) and the Rosen(s), just to name the major ones! Almost a year later, I had troves of useful data. For each major hotel we had figured out the floors, lobby, and convention layouts; whether hidden cameras could be used (ask more about these during your consultation); which floors require key card access; the number of ways to exit the hotel to include valet, shuttle, taxi, and parking garages, as well all the bars, restaurants, and attractions within walking distance. I won't bore you with all the details or give away any trade secrets (you can read my blog post for more information if you're curious), but rest assured, I can promise that no PI agency in all of Central Florida knows these hotels or how to succeed on a convention case better! Guaranteed!

So if your spouse or partner is coming to an Orlando area convention, and you need to get proof they are having an affair, please feel contact us today for a free consultation! 


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