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Orlando Child Custody Private Investigators

Do you need proof your former partner is exposing their children to an unsafe or unstable environment? Our Orlando child custody private investigators can help. Our private investigators have had real trial and testimony experience right here in Orlando and Central Florida. Allow us to help! We can assist you in getting the evidence you need to help win your case in court and assure your children or loved ones are in the best possible living conditions.

  • Background checks into criminal history, arrest records, restraining orders, and injunctions
  • Verifying background information on roommates, relatives, and new partners sharing the residence
  • Cohabitation investigations and proving the presence of persons not allowed to reside with the children while in a parent's custody
  • Establishing through surveillance who is living in the residence, and checking background information
  • Locate new addresses and residences through surveillance and skip-tracing, often from discreetly following them directly from the child exchange point to their new address
  • Determine possible drug use or other unsafe practices 

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