Insurance Fraud Investigations

As an investigator in the insurance industry for over a decade, I’ve learned a lot, good & bad, from working for other companies and brought only the BEST practices to TMS Investigations.
— Phillip Lenger, Owner

Workers Compensation and Liability Surveillance

  • Clear & Stable HD Video

  • Covert & Indoor Capable

  • Timely Turnaround

  • Social Media Reports

  • Trial Testimony Experience

The Top 3 advantages to hiring TMS Investigations for insurance fraud cases:


1. We work all of our cases clean! That means every investigator used is fully-licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding the laws. We assure our evidence is solid and ethical: no GPS trackers, no trespassing, no "shady" tricks! 

2. Quality video inside & out! We excel in clear video, with an emphasis on our covert capabilities. Whether inside stores, workplaces, gyms, or theme parks, we get great video in all environments. On foot, bicycle, or even kayak, we've used all sorts of methods to obtain quality film.  

3. Concise reports! We don't fluff reports or fill them with unnecessary images, jargon, and nonsense. Years of depositions has given us a "Just the facts, ma'am" reporting style. We find that those "fancy" dozen-page reports filled with satellite images and verbose jargon to fully encapsulate the entirety of the claimant's every motion coupled with a meticulous account of every decision and adjustment by the investigator, well all those unnecessary entries, are just plain silly. Less is more. We stick to the facts and leave all medical opinions out. Our quality video speaks for itself!



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