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The Best Private Investigators in Orlando for Resort & Theme Park Surveillance

It's no secret that Orlando is known as a major tourism destination. But that doesn't mean that every private investigator in Orlando is prepared for the complexities of tourism-based surveillance. Whether it be a cheating spouse, child custody, or insurance fraud case (see below), our investigators are familiar with the terrain, and know every resort hotel, time share property, or major theme park, in and out, and have the equipment and skill set to get the results you need!

It all starts at MCO! Orlando International Airport is a high-volume airport and it takes highly-skilled and experienced investigators to locate the subject as they arrive, get them through baggage claim to car rental, shuttle, or curbside pick-up (where Uber & Lyft now catch their fares). If you know the subject's flight info, this can successfully be done with 2-3 investigators (depending on time of day), and we can get them directly to their destination, whether it be a hotel or personal residence. (Pro Tip: You can maximize the chance of success if you snag a pic of their attire and luggage before their departing flight. Knowing specific items to look for makes finding them in the sea of people exiting the monorail much easier)

Once we follow them to their hotel, we tail them to their exact hotel room. Most hotels won't give that information out, even despite our best trickery, so it behooves us to follow them on foot and to identify the exact room number so know where to set-up in the lobby or outside the hotel. Plus, we may be able to find a spot to place a hidden camera, which could prove invaluable!

Next, it's all about waiting and following them to see who they meet and what they do. Our investigators are familiar with every major resort hotel in Orlando (The Swan & Dolphin and other Disney World hotels, the Hard Rock & Portofino at Universal, as well as all other major convention and resort hotels in the area). Knowing each hotel, its exits, and the surrounding area is vital to staying with the subject and getting great results.

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Having had annual passes to each of the major theme parks, our investigators are prepared to navigate the parking lots, and gain entry as quickly as possible to avoid losing the subject inside the park, which is essential to getting you great results! (Click here read more from our blog if you're curious about all that it takes for a successful surveillance in a theme park) 

So if your spouse or partner is coming to an Orlando area resort, theme park, or convention, and you need to get proof they are having an affair, or have child custody concerns, please feel contact us today for a free consultation!

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Insurance Fraud Cases at Theme Parks

See on social media your claimant is on vacation down in Orlando? It's a great opportunity to get some excellent surveillance video to make your case! Having had annual passes to all the parks are investigators are excellent at navigating the parking lot chaos and getting to the front gain to successfully follow the claimant into the theme park and stay on them all day.

Some other key factors: We use high-end action cams to document lots of video of them on foot walking around the park all day. They are optimized for quality HD video with minimal vibration and excellent image stabilization, even in the rain! Also, each of our investigators has a theme-park ready kit to ensure they are prepared with everything they need for a long day at the parks (extra batteries, SD cards, long range and covert cameras, as well as essentials like comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and water, to make sure there's no reason to break-off an active claimant). While quality video cannot be obtained of every ride, we make sure to document them in line and exiting and always obtain documentation shots of the ride name and any motion restrictions signs posted, to match up for consistency with their injury claims. For every day spent at the theme park, you can expect hours of great video!



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